The Road Was Repaired by Rajib, The MP’s Son

Tanjir Ahmed Rajib, a member of the Central Volunteer League, has taken initiative to repair two kilometers of unpaved road from Kandulia to Nagua Bazar in Ramgopalpur Union of Mymensingh’s Gauripur with private funds. He is the son of Nazim Uddin Ahmed, a Member of Parliament from Mymensingh-3 Gauripur constituency.

The road was repaired by Rajib, the MP’s son

It is learned that the unpaved road from Kandulia to Nagua Bazar in Ramgopalpur Union of the upazila is very important for regional communication.

But due to lack of repairs, the road became dilapidated and people of 8 villages including Nagua, Kandulia, Nandipara, Daulatpur, Ahsanpur, Tershira and Giridharpur had to suffer.

But in the rain, the road collapsed due to the accumulation of mud in the potholes caused by the collapse of various parts of the road. As a result, the people of that village used to suffer while walking on the road.

Recently, when Tanjir Ahmed Rajib went to Nagua Bazar for political work, the villagers raised the issue of their misery while walking on the dilapidated road and demanded that the road be repaired. Later, in response to the demands of the locals, when the road repair work started from Thursday with Rajib’s personal funding, the people of the village smiled.

A search on the ground revealed that the work of repairing the dirt road from Kandulia to Nagua Bazar has started. Workers are repairing broken parts of the road by throwing soil. Besides, the road is being repaired by dumping sand and bricks and holes are being filled.

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Local Swechchhasebak League leader Farooq Ahmed said farmers had to struggle to market their paddy and vegetables due to the dilapidated condition of the roads during the monsoon season. Besides, if someone from the village fell ill, they had to go to the hospital, but their relatives had to suffer due to the road.

So when Rajiv Bhai took the initiative to repair the road with private funds, the people of that village smiled.

Tanjir Ahmed Rajib said work has started from today to repair the road by removing sand and bricks. I will personally bear the cost of the renovation work.

Besides, the issue of misery of the villagers has been brought to the notice of the MP. He has taken the initiative to pave the road.

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