WhatsApp Three Red Ticks: Three Red Ticks in WhatsApp Messages!

A message has been circulating on WhatsApp for the past few days. The message claims, “If the Indian government has a red tick with two blue ticks next to the WhatsApp message after the new IT law comes into force, the government can take action against you.” Having three red ticks next to the WhatsApp message means the government has started taking action against you. ‘ Forwarded Do not believe this message at all. This message is false from beginning to end.

WhatsApp Three Red Ticks

The message also states that all WhatsApp calls will be recorded under the new traceability rule, which is completely untrue. All calls and messages on WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encrypted. So it is not possible for any third person to record it. All claims in this message are completely false.

The fake message further said that all phones will be connected to the Union Ministry. WhatsApp is also claiming in that viral message that WhatsApp is coming up with a new tick system in the message soon. As a result, WhatsApp users will be able to understand whether the message is being tracked by the government or not. This information is also completely false.

It is good to know that WhatsApp has not introduced any such new rules and the news of the new tick system is actually completely false. If you send a message to WhatsApp at the moment, a tick will appear right next to that message. When the message is delivered, both ticks can be seen. And when that message is read, both ticks turn blue.

A few days ago, another fake message went viral on social media. That viral message claims that WhatsApp and other social media apps will use your phone’s pictures, messages, files and other information to their advantage. This message is also fake. And if you get this kind of message, don’t share it with others. This can increase your risk.

All WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted. As a result, it is not possible for a third person to read the message you are sending, and to whom the message has been sent. Even WhatsApp itself cannot read any message. Because, this end-to-end encryption is actually coding, with the help of code, the messages stay with WhatsApp. It is not possible for anyone to read that code in any way. This rule also applies to photos, videos and voice notes sent to WhatsApp.

Going, and every message will be locked with a specific code (Key) on the phone on which the message is arriving. WhatsApp messages are protected by a 60 digit code. Changing the security code in WhatsApp chat at any time means that the person has installed WhatsApp again on the same device.

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