How to be successful in 2021 | how to have a successful 2021

Believe me – you will succeed, you know, what are your chances?

How to be successful in 2021 | how to have a successful 2021

* Think carefully once. Compare your desires to your dreams and possibilities. Decide what you want. Set goals. Success is yours.

* You also have endless possibilities inside. That possibility must be explored. And it is your responsibility to find out.

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* How do you know, what are your chances? See you have a lot of problems. You also have a good goal. But when you think of work, the problems appear in front of you in such a way that it is more useless than work.

* Yes, I know I have a lot of problems with you. Just the problem. I can’t speak well, I don’t look good, I’m not in good health, I don’t have the strength of intellect. A lot of things like this involve me and you.

* There are many ‘no’s’ in our lives. These ‘no’s’ may not even be possible for us to remove from life. That’s why you can’t spend your whole life in despair looking at this ‘no’.

How to be successful in 2021

* Once you think about it, you will see that the ‘no’ on the inside is much harder than the outside. There is a saying – do not eat the tiger of the forest, eat the tiger of the mind. That is true. Get rid of the ‘no’ in your mind. Not once, but ten times.

* Look, just think of the brain that God gave us! You can see, your infinite possibilities. Understand how powerful God has made you. It will become clear that no matter how many problems you see on the surface, it is nothing compared to your potential.

* Everyone knows about this brain given to us by the Creator. Even then I remind you. Besides, I did not calculate my chances. So that with you I also become a little more optimistic and promising.

* Our brains are much more capable than computers. Research has shown that it takes about a few trillion dollars to build a human-like brain.

* Even more astonishing is the fact that such a brain requires about one trillion kilowatts of electricity to run. And the production at Karnafuli’s Kaptai, as such, will require 3,250 power plants to run it every day.

* Its size will be equal to about eighteen one hundred storey buildings. Arranged parallel to the white cayenne cortex at the top of the brain, its area is about two thousand square miles.

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* The single neuron of the nervous system. Hundreds of which can take place together on the head of an alpine. Neuron’s job is to transmit electronic signals from different parts of the body to the brain and to transmit various commands from the brain to billions of cells very quickly.

How to be successful tips 2021

So many brain functions can happen in just a fraction of a millionth of a second.

* The human brain has strong memory cells. This memory archive can accommodate up to ten new objects every second. The most amazing thing is that if all the information of all the time of the world is kept together in this cell, even one part of it will not be filled.

What, that became absolutely silent! Let’s give thanks to Allah the Almighty – Alhamdulillah. But sadly, we can’t use even a fraction of a thousandth of this memory cell.

Scientists say the human brain is about a million times more powerful than most modern computers. If we calculate the price, if a computer is Rs 50,000, then the price of our individual brain is at least Rs 5,000 crore.

This means that those of us who neglect and despise ourselves, and in our view, those who are very talented, that is, in the case of all, have a wealth of five thousand crores on their necks.

So think about it – what are your chances? Think, think and think more. Just evaluating this brain is enough to find out your potential. God has given you-me everything, we just have to use it. Only then will success be caught.

Lighten the sullen face. Smile a little. Success is the combination of one’s own strengths and possibilities. Now get down to work. Any good work. You don’t feel like stopping – there are no more obstacles. Now go ahead. The Creator Himself is with you. Inshallah, you can.

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